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Eyelash transplant note
09-13-2016, 06:39 AM
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Eyelash transplant note
Eyelash transplant note
(1) the notice of eyelash cultivation
1, the eyelash transplant two weeks before surgery, do not take drugs containing aspirin, because aspirin causes platelet coagulation function decreased;
2, suffering from hypertension and diabetes patients should be informative in the first visit to the doctor told the disease,lilash serum in order to open the doctor confirmed the operation plan;
3, before surgery to determine the health of the body, no infectious disease or other body inflammation;
4, do not make up before surgery;
5, women should avoid menstruation, lactation cycle;
6, eyelashes before transplantation to take a bath, lilash eyelash serum keep the head clean and sanitary;
7, own or ask the doctor garden of professional design staff to draw a good eyebrow.
(2) after the eyelash implants attention matters:
1, due to the efficacy of the anesthetic will not disappear immediately after the operation may be a sense of drowsiness. After discharge, should pay attention to more rest; not to drive a vehicle or engaged in high-altitude operations. When you go to bed, you can put a pillow on the pillow;
Five, 2 days after the operation do not carry heavy or strenuous exercise;
3, please follow the doctor's advice, take medicine on time, this can reduce postoperative discomfort;
4, after surgery in the surgical site with ice cold 3-4 days, easy to swelling;
Avoid water a surgical site within 5 weeks after surgery, four days later, you can wash your hair, but not too heavy to rub the hair to take part;
Four, 6 days after the eyelash transplant, it is best to avoid doing exercise; four days later, can do a slight movement; ten days later, can increase the amount of exercise; but at least three weeks, can not be a violent physical collision.
Postoperative recovery eyelash transplant is minimally invasive surgery, recovery time is short, you can immediately see the effect of surgery, so that you have a perfect, charming long eyelashes.
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01-19-2023, 12:17 PM
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RE: Eyelash transplant note
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03-08-2023, 03:10 PM
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