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Furniture paint grand
03-09-2017, 04:15 AM
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Furniture paint grand
Furniture paint grand listing paint, that is, UV light curing paint, also known as light-induced paint, light-cured coating. It is through the machine equipment automatically roller coating, leaching to the furniture board surface.tongue and groove wall panelling
in the ultraviolet light irradiation to promote the decomposition of the initiator, free radicals, causing resin reaction, instant curing film. Because of its high coating efficiency and health, environmental protection features, more and more by the furniture business pro-Lai.honeycomb decking looking agent
After nearly a year of preparatory work, furniture paint products officially put on the market. In order to ensure product quality, paint technology is mature, has now established a complete furniture paint product system, compared with the market similar products, excellent performance.veneer composite for decks
The company will spare no effort to introduce advanced experimental equipment and production equipment, to ensure the accuracy of the experiment and the stability of the product. In addition, the selection of raw materials, positioning in the high-end products on the basis of participation in the major raw materials exhibition and other channels in the excellent selection of excellent products to ensure cost-effective.Best Outdoor Patio Decking Product
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