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Cheap Jerseys
02-14-2017, 05:22 AM
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Cheap Jerseys
"Are you planning to attend a Chicago Cubs game anytime soon? Though just about any seat at Wrigley Field is a good one Cheap NFL Jerseys China , here is a guide to help you in your decision. I will give each section a rating from 1 to 5 stars that will further gauge each location.
I. Upper Deck Seating
A. Includes sections 503-538
B. There are 9 rows total in the upper deck
C. Upper deck rating: 3 Stars
Compared to many Major League ballparks, Wrigley Field in one of the smallest which makes its upper deck section not so bad. For starters, the prices for these seats are usually the cheapest, especially if you choose to sit in the far corners. As common sense would tell you, the closer you sit to the diamond, the better, so keep that in mind when deciding. The upper deck really gives you a Birdseye view of the entire field and every play is easily seen. The third base side of the upper deck has a good and bad aspect to it. The good aspect is that a fan can keep cooler if the weather is warm and the breeze is coming off of Lake Michigan. Youll also get a view of the many sailboats as well. The bad aspect is if its late in the season and the wind starts blowing in from the lake, those seats can become quite frigid. The entire upper deck has a canopy overhead so it does give relief on hot sunny days or during rain delays. Furthermore as with any canopy, there are support posts. Good thing is that these poles are smaller in diameter compared to the terrace reserve, and the obstruction isnt bad. As far as food and drinks, walking vendors are in abundance and if you need a break from the game Cheap NFL Jerseys , there is also a food patio court that is located in the upper deck that is behind home plate. You can view the downtown area from this patio and also purchase food and drinks here as well.
II. Upper Deck Box Seating
A. Includes section 401-437
B. There are 10 rows total in the upper deck box section
C. Upper deck box rating: 3 12 Stars
Upper deck box seating are closer to the field than upper deck. These seats are more expensive, and depending on the section and row, can be just as expensive as a terrace box. The best upper deck boxes are between the bases and 1st row is a real treat. These sections have access to numerous foul balls and give fans a close view of the press box. There are no overhead canopies for sun and wind protection, but that also means no obstructions! Fans sitting in these seats have the same access to food and beverage vendors as well.
III. Terrace Level Seating
A. Includes section 201-240
B. There are 23 rows in the terrace level section
C. Terrace level rating: 3 Stars
The terrace level section is considered field level and is located under both upper deck sections. Depending on the location, these seats usually cost the same as an upper deck box. The view is good from these seats especially in sections that are between the bases. Even the highest row of the terrace offers a full view of the field, but you will miss pop-fly balls. A draw back of the terrace level sections is the obstructions. Any seat behind the 5th row may have a possibility of this, but there are remedies in place. TV monitors and scoreboards have been placed in various locations above the terrace seats to keep fans updated on the action. Though obstructions can be a problem in the terrace, there are many seats where there are no obstructions. Because may seats are not marked limited view, it is a good idea to inquire about obstructions before you obtain them. Like the upper deck seating, the terrace offers shelter from the hot sun and the rain delays, and food and beverage vendors are plentiful.
IV. Terrace Box Seating
A. Includes section 201-240
B. There are 5 Rows in the terrace box section
C. Terrace box rating: 3 12 Stars
The terrace box sections consist of the first five rows of the terrace section. These seats are almost identical to upper deck box Cheap Jerseys From China , in that the cost is usually the same, and the seats have a full view of Wrigley Field. You can expect to have a chance at foul balls, sunlight, and rain. The first row of the terrace box allows for some great people watching as well.
V. Field Box Seating
A. Includes section 110-134
B. There are 15 rows in the field box sections
C. Field box rating: 4 Stars
Field box sections are great. These seats can get expensive, but they are close to the action. Fans can expect to have full views of the entire field, sun, moon, and sky. These seats can get peppered with foul balls, so fans have to pay attention to the game. The sections between the bases are the best and during select Cubs games, these sections get a great view and throwback sound of a trumpet, trombone Cheap Jerseys , and clarinet trio as well. The trio plays 1920s era melodies that remind you of how long Wrigley Field has been around. Of course, there are plenty of food and beverage vendors as well.
VI. Club Box Seating
A. Includes section 3-36
B. There are 10 rows in the club box sections
C. Club box rating: 5 Stars
Club box seating are considered the crme del a crme sections at Wrigley Field. These sections command some of the most hefty prices but if you want to see the color of a Cubs players eyes, than these are the seats for you. As with field boxes, these seats not only get peppered with foul balls, but with broken bats as well. Also, players always throw a baseball into the club sections behind the dugouts at the end of every inning, so be ready. Another aspect of the club sections are the Birdseye views of the bullpens. These sections are located down the line, directly in front of sections 7 and 8 for the Chicago Cubs, and sections 34 and 35 for th锘? Last Monday I sought and secu.
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RE: Cheap Jerseys
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RE: Cheap Jerseys
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RE: Cheap Jerseys
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RE: Cheap Jerseys

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