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Hockey players faces are protected from the time t
02-22-2016, 03:48 AM
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Hockey players faces are protected from the time t
TORONTO – The debate over chemistry, whether it exists in baseball and, if so, to what degree it matters, will likely never be completely settled. nike roshe run slip on womens . The question gets asked often these days, whether these Blue Jays get along better this year than they did in 2013. The assumption seems to be that they do because theyre winning more than theyre losing. J.A. Happ, who along with Mark Buehrle are the only two current Jays to take part in an on-field world championship celebration, summed it up. “You just feed off each other,” he said. “The musics better. The jokes are better. Everythings better when youre winning. Thats kind of the way it goes. People start getting louder. You feed off that. You feed off peoples personalities.” Its a chicken and egg deal. Winning is the egg, which begets the chicken that is chemistry. More to the point, manager John Gibbons has settled into a number of roster combinations that are producing results. Helping him in this endeavour is a cadre of players who began the season at Triple-A Buffalo. “Weve got a handful of them,” said manager John Gibbons. “We brought [Steve] Tolleson up to be the second baseman against left-handers. Hes doing a great job with that. Of course Gose and Pillar, filling in for Colby, have been a pretty good combo there. Kratzys been up and down a couple of times, but hes fit in. Theyre all contributing.” Juan Francisco, signed off the scrap heap when the Milwaukee Brewers decided late in spring they didnt want to pay him despite an 18-home run season last year, is hitting .280/.370/.602 (.973 OPS) with eight home runs. Anthony Gose entered Mondays action with a slash line of .296/.457/.407. Three of his eight hits are doubles. Hes walked seven times against eight strikeouts, a small sample size, but a great ratio nonetheless. Gose has two stolen bases, but anyone whos watched him play knows hes created runs with his speed and prevented runs with his defence. After a slow start, Kevin Pillar looks up and sees a .304 batting average. Erik Kratz has three home runs in just 45 at-bats. Tolleson, in a small sample size, is hitting better than .300 and has posted a .946 OPS. Gibbons has also established batteries for all three of his catchers. Kratz has become J.A. Happs personal catcher. Josh Thole serves the same role for R.A. Dickey. Dioner Navarro is behind the plate for every Mark Buehrle start. “Hes able to give Navarro a little bit of a breather,” said Gibbons of Kratz. “Against left-handed pitching you can DH (Navarro). Thats where we feel were strongest.” Against right-handed starting pitching, Francisco plays third base and Lawrie second base. Lawrie heads over to third base, where hes most comfortable, when the opposition starts a left-hander. Tolleson plays second. The Jays have a fearsome late-game bench when the opponent starts a lefty. Adam Lind and Francisco are lingering, waiting for their names to be called. “As the game goes on, the only place youre vulnerable, you get to a certain point of the game theyre always going to have that lefty ready,” said Gibbons. “Teams that have enough lefties (in the bullpen), youre waiting on Lind or Francisco. But I think it makes us stronger.” The bullpen has settled down since the return of Casey Janssen, whos converted all seven save opportunities since his return from a strained oblique muscle. Gibbons is most pleased with the progress hes seeing from the rotation. “It all revolves around starting pitching, you know,” said Gibbons. “If starting pitchings good, youve got a chance. If its not, its tough. I dont care what kind of offence youve got, what kind of defence youve got - thats the key to any team in baseball. Check the May ERA of the four rotation mainstays to see the improvement. Drew Hutchison (including Monday night): 5 starts, 3.94Mark Buehrle: 2.16R.A. Dickey: 2.73J.A. Happ: 3.20 RASMUS PROGRESSING On the disabled list since May 13 with tightness in his right hamstring, Colby Rasmus is sprinting his way toward a rehab assignment. “He was out there running and shagging during early BP,” said Gibbons. “Well see in the next few days what happens.” Rasmus sprinted the infield cutout on Saturday and the warning track on Sunday. While hes eligible to return from the disabled list on Wednesday, Rasmus will be sent out on a minor-league rehabilitation assignment before rejoining the Blue Jays. SANTOS PLAYING CATCH Sergio Santos played catch for the third-straight day on Monday afternoon. Hes recovering from a strained right forearm. “He feels pretty good,” said Gibbons. “No soreness at all. So like Colby, we dont know how long its going to be for him. Hes got to build up a little bit, of course.” Santos can be activated off the disabled list at any time - hes been out since May 10 - but hell throw at least two bullpen sessions before heading out on a minor-league rehabilitation assignment. Theres no timetable for Santoss return to the Blue Jays. nike air max 90 essential uk . Jamies number grades given are out of five, with five being the best mark. Tuukka Rask, Boston Bruins (4) – He had a very solid tonight with big saves on David Desharnais, Brendan Gallagher and Max Pacioretty. nike air max 95 sale . Hours after Shelly Sterling said she would fight to keep her ownership of the franchise even if her estranged husband cant, the league said that wouldnt be possible.Its a debate in hockey thats older than head shots and no-touch icing. The issue is the use of visors - and it came up again after Mondays game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Philadelphia Flyers. In the first period, Flyers defenceman Chris Pronger and Torontos Mikhail Grabovski sprinted for a loose puck. Grabovski slapped at the puck and his stick connected with Prongers stick and the blade went straight up into Prongers face. Screaming in pain, Pronger quickly clutched his face and went straight to the dressing room. The Flyers hope their captain - who complained of blurred vision after the incident - will get back in two to three weeks depending on how the injury heals and said that he will need to wear a visor to be cleared to play. "I think he was very scared and rightly so," GM Paul Holmgren told the Associated Press. "When something like that happens to your eye, youre worried about whats going on." Which begs the age-old question - should Pronger (like any of his fellow NHLers who still skate on the ice with just a helmet) have worn a visor in the first place? A lot of players feel the use of visors restrict their vision on the ice and affect their play. The league and players association have done their best to educate them on health and equipment-related decisions, but wearing a visor is still a choice that a player makes on his own. Is it time to take that stance a step or two further? So here was Daves question to you - "Should the use of visors be decided solely by the players themselves?" Here are some of the best responses: "Never mind a rule; its just a matter of time before all players are wearing visors willingly." - Tony "If a player doesnt value his eyesight and his career, its his problem. adidas zx 700 womens cheap. " - Derek "Teams have to honour players contracts, and its the players responsibility to do everything possible to be healthy enough to do the same." - Yuri "I sweat. My visor fogs up. I cant see. And thats a big problem in a beer league." - Rick "Goalies wear masks. All other players wear visors. Pretty basic." - Joe "It should absolutely be the choice of the players. If the use of visors is mandated, Ill stop watching hockey." (Thats your extremist anti-visor fan--to the right of you-know-who, Im thinking). - Karel "Visors are mandatory in the AHL and I havent heard one minor-leaguer complain that hes stuck there because of his visor." - Andy Daves reply to all: You do have to wonder how many injuries itll take, or how serious or scary the injury has to be, to bring action instead of rhetoric. Prongers injury looked bad enough to me, and apparently sounded worse if you were there to hear his screams. I hate to use Brooks Laichs position on concussions time and again, but where safety is concerned, the players dont know best and theyre not the only ones involved in deciding whats best. When he returns, Chris Pronger will undoubtedly be told to wear a visor, at least temporarily. Imagine how silly it would sound if he resisted; about as silly as drivers complaining about seat belts, cyclists about helmets, workers about boots, or welders about goggles. Hockey players faces are protected from the time they enter youth ranks. Their faces are protected in the AHL, and in the Olympics. What is the reason theyre not necessarily protected in the National Hockey League? Some NHL players are stubborn? I cant think of another reason. wholesale jerseys cheap jerseys cheap nfl jerseys wholesale jerseys cheap soccer jerseys wholesale jerseys wholesale jerseys cheap nfl jerseys china ' ' '
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RE: Hockey players faces are protected from the time t
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RE: Hockey players faces are protected from the time t
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RE: Hockey players faces are protected from the time t
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RE: Hockey players faces are protected from the time t
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RE: Hockey players faces are protected from the time t
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RE: Hockey players faces are protected from the time t
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