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Cleanness of wood floor tile of method
12-12-2016, 07:27 AM
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Cleanness of wood floor tile of method
You Domestic outfitWas repaired? Do you understand decorate knowledge? We are very much the friend is fast before decorate understanding all sorts of decorating knowledge and Building materials Skill of choose and buy, what we introduce for everybody today is wood floor tilechoose and buy and cleanness maintain method, the hope can help you. Ultra Deck Composite Decking Ratings Cleanness maintains To the dirty other people with white ordinary wood floor tile, it is good to brush wetter than using cloth to brush the effect with dry cloth; Fungus infection of hand or foot keeps after wet cloth is brushed, the surface can be sent corrupt, brush with dry cloth, brush Yue Liang more; To ink, ferruginous,move vegetable oil, coffee, beer to wait, can wait with the essence that wash clean, washing powder cleared, some brands deserve to have special Clean an agent, clean effect is better. composite bedroom floor have good soundproof effect Give a bedroom medium wood floorAfter hitting candle, its Mop Cannot use cleanness directly Ceramic tile, bilge touchs waxing hind to pollute ceramic tile easily and keep clear of harder, salesperson of general need manufacturer uses professional clear lotion to handle.
1, if touch ferruginous be soiled, can extract juice to drip to be kneaded repeatedly on rubiginous be soiled brush, reoccupy suds is abluent. Without the word of Xian Ning Meng, pill of C of usable also vitamin is replaced.
2, if touch soy, vinegar,wait, can use clean lavatory spirit.open air corridor composite floor try out tooth paste tries if ink ooze goes in. the besmirch of and so on of boiled water, ice-cream, beer, the soda ash solution such as natrium of the oxidation that use hydrogen or bicarbonate Potassium is OK eliminate. Want to be brushed with scrubbing brush when processing, do not use steel wire ball, meet otherwise a cut of ceramic tile face, touch besmirch again very unmanageable. When because calcination makes the surface produces spot trace,be like, usable fine Sand paperLight putt is ground, next agent of inunction back cover and glazing agent, can restorable. Daily cleanness, can resemble brushing with common mop first CementThe area is euqally wet brush, reoccupy does cloth to wipe water. General every other 3 �� 6 months above glazing agent (can) . Cleanness of wood floor tile of method of wood floor tile choose and buy maintains methodological introductionThe choose and buy wants a place1, exterior colour and lustre wants even, exterior glossiness and flatness are close friends (special technology except) , especially the glossiness that polishing wood floor tile should notice them more, glossiness is taller, explain its polish craft jumps over masterly, opposite hardness taller also, thereby bibulous rate low, wear-resisting is spent taller.
3, prevent contaminative ability to be close friends. Cost of Installing 6 Ft Stockade Fence Drip in the surface of ceramic tile 9 ink or coloured water, half hour hind obliterates with wet dishcloth, it is easy to have if stay,apparent trace shows his ooze corrupt; Did not leave what mark basically, prove its are provided very good and anti-fouling ability.
4, dimension deviation cannot too big. Namely 4 bricks go all out together, should neater, without apparent amlposition phenomenon. On size error is more than 0.5MM, flatness to be more than the product of 0.1MM, can increase the difficulty of construction not only, the effect after be being decorated at the same time is poor also, cannot use at the project.

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07-01-2022, 08:08 PM
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RE: Cleanness of wood floor tile of method
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10-06-2023, 08:11 AM
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RE: Cleanness of wood floor tile of method
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