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a painting by his sister
01-31-2016, 10:47 AM
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a painting by his sister
quarter century ago was a bit hard to swallow.He’d a line prom dresses kept the place in their divorce settlement.A painless division of assets, really: The cabin had been his dream, as she’d never really embraced the dishwasher-less life.had professed a love for all things rustic.But Francine had lasted only a few summers before she’d abandoned the struggle with the mice and the idiosyncratic door handle and Don.The day played out benignly: A gin and tonic too many, a happy dinner of local corn and halibutStanding over the kitchen sink, Lisa got herself a glass of water.In the bay she could make out four dark heads jigging in the sea.Mitchell, Don, and the fourth dot, their son, Liam.The glass came to rest, half tilted, a few inches away from her mouth.Her breathing settled in with the rhythm of the waves as they lifted and lowered the happy dots.They were halfway up the beach before Lisa noticed they were heading in.Drawing her sleeve across her lips, she dumped the rest of the water down the drain.She wasn’t so thirsty after all.Thank heaven for small mercies.The day played out benignly: A gin and tonic too many, a happy dinner of local corn and halibut.It was well past midnight when heads hit pillows.Thursday was spent wearing a circuit between the cars and the cabin.Hailey uncrated the mason jars she’d collected for the floral arrangements.Rented tablecloths and champagne flutes were unpacked.Lunch was interrupted by the delivery of dozens of hay bales which were to serve as seating in the orchard.Seated behind large spools of ribbon backless prom dresses Hailey prepared to cut one-metre lengths.The one oversight of the prodigious lists became evident: no scissors.Don thought he had a pair somewhere and began sifting through various drawers.He inquired if pruners might do and Hailey’s face clouded over.Adam rifled through the hutch.What are you lookin’ for?asked Lisa as she carried another box into the kitchen.I can’t believe I forgot them and Dad doesn’t have any.The slide of a cardboard box onto the counter blurred Lisa’s response.Third drawer, next to the fridge.An instant later Hailey held an old pair of sewing scissors aloft.Empty boxes were being carried back to the shed.On each return trip, Mitchell’s frown was framed in the back door window.When it came to the doorknob’s secret handshake, he was stymied.Dropping her scissors, she bounded across the room.As if tapped on the shoulder, Lisa and Don stopped to watched.Hailey explained, covering his hand with hers.Turn it lightly to the right till it stops.Lift it a little, and then lean into it and give it a quick twist.The door swung open on its hinges.Hailey watched as Mitchell tested the formula three times in rapid succession.It’s easy when you know how!Sometime after midnight, Lisa made her way to the backdoor, stopping to take a small can from under the sink.There wasn’t much of a moon that night but there was enough light to see her dabbing a few drops of oil around the base of the doorknob.If anyone had asked her, she would have told them, it’s not easy; long prom dresses even when you know how.On the wall of councillor and soon-to-be deputy mayor Norm Kelly s office is a large portrait of Thomas Langton Church, mayor of Toronto from 1915 to 1921.At amalgamation, Mr.Kelly went looking in the city archives at portraits of former mayors.Tommy Church, whom Mr.Kelly had researched while writing an undergraduate thesis at the University of Western Ontario, stuck in his mind.He would wave the boys off to the Front at Union Station.They would march down University, get on the trains that would take them to Halifax and the ships across to Europe.He waved them all goodbye and he was there for them when they came back, Mr.Kelly said on Friday in his office, which overlooks Nathan Phillips Square.On his death, in 1950, Mr.Church had what was then the largest public funeral in Toronto, said Mr.He was the Mel Lastman of his day.Well-loved, well-liked, highly respected, he said.Someone told me he lived his whole life at home with his mom.A historian by training, with a political career that includes a stint as MP under the Pierre Trudeau government of 1980, Mr.Kelly now steps into the shoes of deputy mayor, a role that has assumed a higher profile under the Ford administration.He will take over from Doug Holyday, who won the provincial byelection in Etobicoke-Lakeshore for the PCs, later this month.City council can call a byelection to fill Mr.or appoint a caretaker councillor for the remainder of the term.Speaking to the media on Friday, Mr.Kelly, a short prom dresses long-time councillor for Scarborough-Agincourt, sidestepped questions about the weight he may be expected to carry under the Ford administration.Asked if he s worried about what he s getting himself into, given the scandals that have dogged the chief magistrate, he answered: No.As I told you right up front, my concern right now is the government of the city of Toronto.That s my focus, and that would be my contribution.Later, in an office decorated with 1960s photos of Parliament Hill, a painting by his sister, Grace Kelly, and a photo with his darling girl Charlotte on their wedding day, Mr.Kelly reveals that the mayor and I are both very competitive.RelatedFord ally Norm Kelly to become new deputy mayor if Doug Holyday wins provincial byelectionPeter Kuitenbrouwer: Holyday’s impeccable dress sense, fiscal responsibility will be sorely missed at City HallDoug Holyday wins Etobicoke seat and Rob Ford loses one of his most loyal allies‘Subway champion’ Mitzie Hunter wins Scarborough seat for Ontario LiberalsJohn Ivison: Liberals hold on to Dalton McGuinty’s old seat and confirm the demise of political accountabilityWhen he was 16, Mr.Kelly was one of two Scarborough boys from his year who were signed by the Maple Leafs.He lasted two months before university appeared on his horizon.When I do things I want to win, but I ve learned there are many ways of winning, he said.and come back later.He has been chairman of the history department at Upper Canad
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12-06-2022, 03:26 PM
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RE: a painting by his sister
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01-06-2023, 09:46 AM
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RE: a painting by his sister
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06-27-2023, 05:39 PM
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RE: a painting by his sister
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10-06-2023, 07:05 AM
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RE: a painting by his sister
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