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10-18-2016, 10:31 AM
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Market For Scott Kazmir Taking Shape - RealGM Wiretap
The market for Scott Kazmir is beginning to take shape Danny Drinkwater Jersey , according to a report.

Kazmir, 31, has trimmed his suitors to the Kansas City Royals, Oakland Athletics, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals and Houston Astros.

However Daniel Sturridge Jersey , it doesn't appear as though the left-hander will sign with a club soon.

Braves Win 23rd Straight With Medlen On Mound - RealGM Wiretap

The Braves beat the Mets on Sunday, their 23rd straight victory in games started by Kris Medlen.

Medlen gave up one unearned run and three hits in six innings.

Atlanta has already clinched a National League wild-card spot and is on track to host the one-game playoff, which Medlen would start.

"I think the best part about it is my name is in the history books, but it's a team thing," Medlen said. "It's a really cool feeling. Like I said, we're not done. I hope we keep going."

According to STATS LLC Chris Smalling Jersey , only two other teams won 22 straight starts by a pitcher: the New York Giants with Carl Hubbell (1936-37) and the Yankees with Whitey Ford (1950-53). Ford's streak was interrupted by military service.

Wright Confident Mets Substantially Better - RealGM Wiretap

David Wright is confident that the New York Mets will be better in 2014.

Wright believes the club will be "substantially" better this season than last year's 74-88 effort.

The Mets have added Curtis Granderson, Chris Young, Bartolo Colon via free agency.

"I'm sure Sandy [Alderson] is still trying to make the team better. In what capacity I'm not sure," Wright said. "But I do think when we take the field Opening Day this year we will substantially be better than when we took the field last year. I'm not sure how many wins that correlates into. Only going out there and playing the game will tell. But there's no question in my mind that I love the moves we've made."

The SEC Issues Statement on the Registration Statement Process Brenda Hamilton
Submitted 2014-01-05 18:24:59 On July 31, 2013, The Securities and Exchange Commission announced the issuance of Commissioner Elisse B. Walter’s statement Charles Barkley Jersey , ”The Commission’s Registration Process: How to Better Administer an Ounce of Prevention”. The release is a reminder of the importance of preventive action by the SEC and the securities industry at the registration statement stage to nip securities violations in the bud. This release applies to the registration statement phase of a going public transaction as well as the registration phase applicable to market participants.

The SEC’s statement is based upon the premise that the first contact it has with an issuer is when the issuer seeks to offer securities on a registration statement filed with the SEC.
Registration Statement Process l The SEC’s First Shot at Preventing Fraud

The registration statement process is also the SEC’s first chance to assess regulated securities market participants including broker dealers, investment advisers, municipal advisors, exchanges, alternative trading systems, clearing agencies Blank Jersey , ratings agencies, securities information processors and transfer agents. Walter notes that it is at the registration stage that the SEC can institute proceedings to block the registration of entities if they do not meet the requirements of the securities laws and so prevent future violations.

The SEC’s Statement

The Commission’s Registration Process: How to Better Administer an Ounce of Prevention

Commissioner Elisse B. Walter

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

July 31, 2013

“A stitch in time saves nine.”

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Throughout history, people have understood the value of taking early action. Most of us agree that the best way to deal with potential problems is to handle them when they are nascent, or even before they arise.

Yet there is a reason why proverbs such as the ones above have survived hundreds of years, and it is not just that we agree with the sentiment. It is because we need the reminder. Simply put Andros Townsend Jersey , people have a hard time expending a lot of effort on issues that are not immediate, and preventative measures, almost by definition, address issues that lie further down the road, that are probabilities rather than certainties. This statement is a reminder of the importance of early action and an entreaty to the Commission and the securities industry community that they not put off until tomorrow what they can do today.

In securities regulation, the first interaction the Commission has with the entities regulated under the securities laws is when such entities apply to register with the Commission. In 2011 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Jersey , when the Commission was proposing a registration regime for securities based swap intermediaries, I advocated for – and the Commission committed to – the publication of a concept release that would provide a comprehensive review of the Commission’s registration program.[1] I urged that we undertake this review in part because, as I have stated before, I believe that retrospective reviews of rules by agencies is generally a good idea to ensure that regulations and programs are achieving their intended purpose. But I believe that the Commission’s registration program is particularly in need of a comprehensive review to see how we can strengthen the registration process, which in turn will strengthen the soundness of registrants and thus protect investors, promote fair and efficient markets Adam Lallana Jersey , and f.
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