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Maillot Anthony Martial
09-20-2016, 08:17 AM
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Maillot Anthony Martial
Chess and war go hand in hand. Both have been occupying the minds of the worlds greatest thinkers for centuries Maillot Bacary Sagna , but the richness and beauty of historical battles has never been displayed as it does with hand painted chess sets. Blending the worlds of strategic thinking and art, the following hand painted chess sets are true collectibles that you will want to keep on display and hand down the family lines.

Battles of Significance Chess Sets

Many hand painted chess sets are designed to replicate historys most notable battles and carry great historical significance to this day. These are the battles our children learn about in school and carry with them into adulthood. As well, these are the battles that nations and whole groups of people hold close to their hearts with thankfulness, regret, and pain for lives lost.

For instance Maillot Blaise Matuidi , the Waterloo War chess set is not only hand painted one piece at a time by talented artists, but each piece of the set uses old English metal castings to represent the soldiers who fought in the war, and the lives that were lost. Each set of chess pieces is made to reflect the national armies that fought in this memorable battle of 1815. Waterloo put an end to Napoleons rule as Emperor of the French and marked the end of his Hundred Days' return from exile.

The American Revolutionary War hand painted chess set is another battle themed artisan set worth mentioning. The American Revolution was a powerful point of change in the American society and is well remembered today by all U.S. citizens. Undercurrents of this war are still alive in the American society and they are beautifully represented with this hand painted chess set featuring both sides of the revolutionary action.

In the American Civil War, the conflict between the Confederate Army of the South led by General Robert E Lee and the Federal Troops of the North led by General Ulysses S Grant resulted in many battles and great loss of life. This hand painted, American Civil War Chess Set is produced by popular request to illustrate the major players in this turbulent period of North American history.

There are many other chess sets representing some of the most famous battles and wars known in history Maillot N'Golo Kante , as well as a few battles that should be better well known and remembered today.

Historical Figure Themed Chess Sets

Who better to honor with a brilliantly designed hand painted chess set besides Richard the Lionheart, otherwise know as Richard, King of England? You can find fun and education in hand painted chess sets designed to honor brave figures like Richard the Lionheart, a central commander of Christian armies in the Third Crusade.

The King Arthur chess set depicts the legend of the round table and related aspects of the legend. The detail in decoration is superb and the attention to detail in finish results in a set that is very high quality. A superb value for money, this set includes both presentation gift case and chess board all very well presented.

What about the Robin Hood War hand painted chess set? You can take from the rich to gratify the poor and present the honorable and debate-worthy moral ideas represented through the great Robin Hood with this lively and fun hand painted chess set.

Literature to Remember Chess Sets

If you love literature and all of the historical relevance that the great poets and novelists of the past brought to the table Maillot Lassana Diarra , check out the hand painted chess sets based on one of the many books you may have read from Alice in Wonderland or Winnie the Poo to Sherlock Holmes or the Lord of the Rings.

If fairy tales, riddles, and all things child-like are your cup of tea, you are perfectly fitted to the Alice in Wonderland or Winnie the Pooh chess sets. Painted by hand to represent the historical relevance of these classical favorites, these chess sets are collectibles you have to lay your eyes upon at least once in a lifetime. There is even a Peter Rabbit chess set that is the perfect tool to introduce young children to the strategic thinking and mental manipulations essential to chess and life.

For someone a bit older Maillot Anthony Martial , if you have a special passion for literature maybe a hand painted Sherlock Holmes or Lord of the Rings chess set is the right choice. If you periodically visit these stories in your reading pursuits, maybe a themed chess set with hand painted artisan chess pieces could be a great way to display your love for the book and share it with others.

Whether you are a war buff and want to surround yourself with historical representations of the biggest battles of history or are just looking for a fun way to introduce the children or grandchildren to the game of chess for their mental enrichment, a hand painted chess set is a beautiful addition to your home.

These are attention-grabbing and unusual pieces that will stop visitors in their tracks. Choose a set that speaks to your interests, beliefs, and personal tastes and see what reactions and comments you pull from others visiting your home. Whether you set it out as an exhibition or conversation starter or use it for intellectual and exciting games of chess with others Maillot Andre-Pierre Gignac , these are definitely sets that you will get a lot of enjoyment from.

If you want a chess set unlike any your friends or neighbors have, this is the way to go. You can find hand painted chess sets at very affordable prices, but they will be irreplaceable in your heart once you set them up and take in the beautiful fine details that demand attention.

Author Bio: Come find out what is new at LoveThoseGifts and browse our incredible selection of Deluxe Chess Sets . Choose from the many hand painted historical themes, giant outdoor sets or classic versions with presentation cases.

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