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Road maintenance machinery market favorite
09-10-2016, 04:36 AM
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Road maintenance machinery market favorite
<p>Maintenance equipment are moving towards diversification, serialization of development。Construction accuracy is more exactly, more functional to meet the construction requirements, operating more comfortable and easier.To research and satisfy needs of Chinese pavement request and maintenance equipment, we proposed the concept of versatility maintenance equipment, a maintenance vehicle solve a variety of problems. This will not only ease the funding pressure, and can give full play equipment diversification advantages, to meet all the needs of road maintenance. "</p>
<p>Meantime,constantly improve conservation equipment by culturing the road maintenance business models.Recently, SANYI developed one meter milling machines have been mass market, together with the previous two meters, 2.2 meters milling machine, three machine all the way now has a complete model of the milling machine series, breaking the international giants in the domestic market monopoly. Thus, the implementation of complete sets of equipment in the future strategy is gradually floor maintenance equipment.</p>

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