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07-22-2016, 07:03 AM
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Idol is truly a phenomenon that has captivated America! It has churned out singing sensations such as Kelly Clarkson http://www.seattlesoundersmlsshop.com/Au...rd-Jersey/ , Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, David Archuleta, David Cook http://www.seattlesoundersmlsshop.com/Au...da-Jersey/ , and Daughtry to name a few.

It is a hit especially to the younger generation. Even the kiddies cant get enough of American Idol! So throw an America Idol-inspired birthday party, and let your little kid and the guests perform some favorite tunes like little rock stars complete with ‘fans of their own! Heres how…..

Set The Mood

In order to set the mood of your kids American Idol party, decorate with music-themed props and goods. Have some inflatable guitars and microphones, rock ‘n roll-themed centerpieces and music note confetti. Also http://www.seattlesoundersmlsshop.com/Au...rg-Jersey/ , have a color scheme of blue plus silver. Use crepe-paper streamers, balloons and other decorations using the color scheme all around the party area. You can create a Hollywood sign out from a cardboard or styrofoam. Put the sign in your driveway (where it is visible) in order to direct the partygoers to the house. For a more Hollywood celebrity scene feel, how about putting out an old carpet coming up from the driveway and into the door.

Also stick large glow stars on the ceiling and walls for a cool decor effect. Stick some posters of pop-stars on the walls. You can also hang CDs from the ceiling using clear strings. This will make a lighting effect just like a good disco ball. Do not forget to add an ‘American Idol banner too.

Plan The Menu

Have a birthday menu of party food that is fit for little rockstars! First off is to have a music-themed cake. Have a Microphone Cake! You will need to have a sheet cake, plus a round cake for the ‘microphone. Next http://www.seattlesoundersmlsshop.com/Au...ck-Jersey/ , cut a narrow piece from the sheet cake and frost it with chocolate frosting. This part will be your ‘microphones handle. To simulate a remote microphone cord, you will have to attach a piece of black licorice string at the bottom of the ‘handle. Finally, you will have to frost the round cake using some white frosting and then sprinkle blue colored sugar over the cakes top.

Rich desserts, appetizers and sweet cocktails will surely please the older guests. Also http://www.seattlesoundersmlsshop.com/Au...es-Jersey/ , dip some pretzel rod sticks in chocolate dipping, then serve them as American Idol microphones. Have some star-shaped Rice Krispie treats. Serving some Rockstar Energy drinks also adds a fun touch.

Have a Rockin Party Invites

For a fun touch, use images of AI judges for your American Idol party invitations. Just stick a picture of Simon, Paula or Randy in the front of your yellowgold invitation cards. Then add a voice bubble saying ‘Heres your Golden Ticket!

Write inside the cards: ‘Welcome to Hollywood! (Your childs name) invites you to come audition for American Little Idol in honor of his (or her) Birthday! Performances will be held at (address http://www.seattlesoundersmlsshop.com/Au...we-Jersey/ , date, time). RSVP ahead of time to (phone number).

Also, embellish these American Idol birthday party invites with blue and silver stars, then mail them out afterwards.

Rock Star Arrival and Introductory Activities

You can have your own AI Registration Table for contestants. Just prop up a table where the kiddies can have each of their contestant numbers. Or have ‘All Access show passes for the visitors to slip on around their necks. You can also provide some A.I. tattoos too.

Also http://www.seattlesoundersmlsshop.com/Au...an-Jersey/ , have your birthday party kiddie guests to fill out a sheet that provides what songs they will perform and with whom if its a duet during the presentation.

You can also have a Door Hanger America Idol-inspired Party Activity. Get some American Idol Activity Kit available from a party store. Then have the lil kiddies decorate the door hangers any way they want to. They can take their door hangers home as their party favors.

American Idol Party Games

Have a game of Rock Star Dress-up! This is an interesting and fun game that will surely get the kiddies energized and excited! Just fill 3 large customized boxes with colorful funky and cool pop-star wardrobes. Remember that the larger and more outrageous the clothes are — the better! Place the boxes in different areas of the party room. Then shape a circle in the center of the room with the use of a masking tape. Have the kiddies walk around the circle while music is still playing. When the music ends, the kiddies must hurry to one of the customized boxes and put a single wardrobe item on. Then, they must rush back to the middle and start all over again. This dress-up game continues in this way until all of the wardrobe items are gone.

There is also The American Idol Makeover. You must provide some styling accessories such as make-up, brushes http://www.seattlesoundersmlsshop.com/Au...ey-Jersey/ , hair gel, combs, etc. Divide the kiddies into pairs, so one kid in each pair is a stylist while the other is the performer. Then take an instant photo (digital or Polaroid) of all the performers. When ‘Go Stylists Go! is declared http://www.seattlesoundersmlsshop.com/Au...on-Jersey/ , the kiddie stylists should race over to their partners and perform their amazing work. You should set a timer of about 5-7 minutes. When the time expires, the partners should switch roles and do a second round with new stylists. At the end of the game, let the kiddies vote who should win the best stylist of them all!

Another fun American Idol game is Name That Tune. This game will test your guests musical knowledge. The games rules are quite simple: play a number of popular songs in a row and get the kiddies to secretly write the names of the songs and performers. At the end of the game, count to see who got the most number of correct songs and performers names.

And of course http://www.seattlesoundersmlsshop.com/Au...ll-Jersey/ , the main event should be an American Idol competition. Rent a karaoke machine and have the kids perform their own presentation! Remember that this game should not be threatening like the actual American Idol show. Just have an
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07-22-2016, 09:01 PM
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