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China railway marching toward world
07-18-2016, 06:00 AM
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China railway marching toward world
According to the "Securities Daily" news: After "along the way" policy, Chinese railway infrastructure business expansion in overseas business began to accelerate, the first taste of the "sea" bonus sweetness, China Railway Construction newly signed overseas contracts increased year by year, overseas business over 83 countries and 520 projects under construction.

National "two sessions" this year, Xu Shaoshi National Development and Reform Commission revealed to the media, the railway to the sea project, currently at least has started construction Ya million high iron, the old railway, Thailand railway, Hungary Cypriot railway, Moscow to Kazan the high-speed railway has begun surveying, Brazil to Peru two foreign railway began surveying.

In recent years, Chinese companies such as China Railway Construction in iron and always adhere to the "going out" strategy, the UAE has completed the Palm Island reclamation project, the Nigerian railway renovation project, a large number of major international projects, by the end of 2015, Chinese iron accumulated overseas The new contracts total more than $ 70 billion, turnover of more than $ 30 billion.

Today, more and more foreign railway construction contract was won China Railway Construction and other domestic enterprises subject, this phenomenon is explained on railway construction in China has a wealth of experience and expertise, especially in the high-speed rail technology has reached the international advanced level, technical strength and the strength of the construction of railway construction in China has been affirmed and recognized in many countries.

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05-11-2024, 02:01 AM
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