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Conveniently promote tourism
07-13-2016, 11:35 AM
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Conveniently promote tourism
Traffic Xing hundred Yip Hing. "Little Big Traffic Provincial Office of" successful practice, Guizhou will allow rapid geographical advantage into advantage, interregional optimize resource allocation and create good conditions. Review of "five", the province traffic construction and industrial development, improving people's livelihood, urban prosperity complement each other. Over the original single eager "Economic Corridor", is now being gradually upgraded to a content-rich "big channels economy."

Guizhou straightening the curve with the wisdom of the journey after catching up, so big traffic become Protrudes location, leading the big industry, big open help promote tourism big, big boost poverty alleviation, promoting large logistics support large data, activate powerful large towns, driven by large investments, improve people's livelihood and other aspects of large "engine", highlights the positive effect of activating multi-dimensional.
Party committees and governments at all levels to realize that only the active aspects of economic and social development and the depth of integration of traffic, the maximum excitation "Traffic +" effect, adjust the structure to the way, Guizhou to take a new path in the next big traffic boost, expelled a speeds beyond a highly.

In the future five years, the task is very arduous, we will build a first-class transportation, out of traffic and development, weaving dense transportation network, and excellent carry-over points, improve service ability and work hard." Guizhou Provincial Department of Transportation director Wang Bingqing initiator ponder "we also expect around the cadres and masses to join hands around the 'traffic dawn me how to do' ideas turned to the 'big traffic +' for the proposition, strive to enhance the accessibility and elongation, written to local economic and social development Great article, invigorating promote the great development.

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