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nike air max 2015 scontate
06-21-2016, 04:45 AM
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nike air max 2015 scontate
is the last winner in the book market battle? June 2 scarpe nike air max classic bw , 2012 | Author: jasmingilbert | Posted in Electronic Gadgets
Article by Xiaohe

With digital fast development, the electronic reader has become an essential tool, young people watch a on the subway, and took a IPAD ebook has become a kind of fashion. But there are data shows, electronic reader are already starting to appear market atrophy, its reason is the lack of content resource ebook always support.

In the traditional book market, indeed because electronic reader brought lots of impact. In this impact of traditional books market were also two pie segmentation, one is the bookstore as the main marketing channel, another kind is B2C online mall. Last year, intex dangdang network for jingdong on malignant competition in the market price, although consumers benefit, but serious temporarily disturbed book market.

In such a complex book market environment, traditional library and the markets, for its own advantage in has also should begin to find yourself, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses in the correct position. Some publishers nike air max zero italia , said the development trend of future books need more personalized, or to use personality printing attract consumers.

Content into development bottleneck lack

With the development of digital technology, these years our country electronic reader market very hot, but the appearance of IPAD2 IPAD1 of electronic reader price, is a big impact, after rapid expansion has began to decline. First quarter earnings, issued by hangwang expected losses 40 million to 50 million yuan. News from the share price hangwang tumbled 15% within two days. But this time, hangwang’s share price has dropped to 175 yuan from the highest market value 60 yuan, nearly 124 billion yuan evaporate.

Electronic reader all the way over the development, see is just a concept, want to stand up to it, must have substantial content support. Phoenix publication medium Co., LTD, deputy general manager of media said SheJiangTao, short-term inside the development prospect of China ebook do not look good. The main reason is the content resources segmentation ebook nike air max tn uomo , China didn’t much like a large comprehensive amazon released platform, each big publishing group is doing its own platform, but most of his family, and another that thousands of book Chinese readers pay has not fostered in the habit of reading, online download pirated content everywhere, not how many readers would pay to download.

But in the United States, in the face of IPAD amazon company at the same time, its performance competition, but not only did not decline continued to increase. According to the American publishers association (AAP) release sales figures, in February this year with the ebook sales still less than each type paper books, but the total sales have already exceeded any single species paper books. American electronic reader sales continue to rise, expect this year may sales 1000 million, mostly market share will be amazon’s kindle occupied. This is because its electronic bookstores species than 81 million books, rich optional books, convenient means of payment and good reading experience nike air max 95 offerte , promote the ebook paid downloads, also contributed to the electronic reader sales.

Industry expert analyzes believed that domestic electronic reader using experience poor, price is too high, can’t find content can see, these three persistent ailment can’t will ebook market began, and copyright has been flagging an unanswered question.

Bookshop can only for another job

In the face of cruel competition, domestic book market where to go? Recently, China children and teenagers news publishing is suing, relay press, etc XiangJing east mall 24 press out punitive book, accused jingdong mall all children’s book four fold capped behavior is unfair competition. And always dare to speak the truth of jingdong mall, chairman and CEO LiuJiangDong have argued that the press is a website to monopoly with market, and from jie children’s book purchase price only 3 percent.

Late last year the jingdong, intex dangdang network, amazon began books of price war nike air max 2015 uomo saldi , to depreciate gain market share. And the participation of co-branded boycott jingdong mall, said children press head is the direct printing and book royalties cost about 30%, plus indirect management cost, a book about 45%, the lowest cost to the bookstore and dealers of general discount is 6 percent. But the jingdong mall 4 fold sell books behavior, already below cost, and disturbing the book market.

However joyoamazon had not idle, draws children’s day, the promotion in children’s books, escalation of his 5.5 fold crest, based on the best-selling book 4 launch million children and lasted folding preferential activities shopping free shipping, it seems to be the payoff to the end.

Nearly 10 years, due to rising rents from network bookstore, electronic reader and smashed pressure, traditional sales channel is increasingly serious challenges. In traditional bookstore industry chain nike air max 2015 scontate , retailers take to 35% – 40%, the author royalties for 8% to 10%, 20%, printing costs tax 8% to 10%, 20% or so the Maori press. If from press 5-6.5 fold buy copyrighted works, remove the shop to rent and personnel costs, bookstore profits very poor.

In fact the traditional books online bookstores had become one of
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06-02-2022, 02:10 AM
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RE: nike air max 2015 scontate
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09-27-2022, 05:07 PM
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RE: nike air max 2015 scontate
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