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the ball is being released, or while the ball is in mid-fligh
05-09-2016, 05:18 AM
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the ball is being released, or while the ball is in mid-fligh
锘? Game Setup -2 teams per side -10 cups per team Cup formation -Triangle adidas cosmic boost mujer , rims touching and pointing towards the opposing side -Centered on the table -Back row of cups within 1 inch of the edge of the table -Cups cannot be tilted or leaned against the surrounding cups Content of Cups -Distribute beverage (beer or water) evenly in the 6 front cups -Back 4 cups (non-consumption cups) fill with 13 water and reused every round Possession -The team with first possession gets 1 shot -After first possession each team will get two 2 shots, 1 shot per team member In Game Rules Grabbing -Ball may be grabbed only after it has made contact with a cup -Grabbing the ball prior to cup contact results in a removal of offenders cup (thrower gets to choose which cup is removed) Bounce Shots - Shots bounced from the table to the cup may not be interfered with until ball has contacted a cup - Interferance results in a removal of offenders cup (thrower gets to choose which cup is removed). Reformation (Re-Racks) -Cups must be reformed into a smaller triangle when 6, 3, and 1 cups remain -Triangle must be in the center of the table. -One cups are centered within an inch of the end of the table. -If cups formation is compromised, thrower can request a reformation -Reformation can occur in the middle of a turn Scoring a Hit -Cups removed after each hit If during a cup removal or re-rack: -A hit is scored off of the defending teams hand the shot is a miss -If the shooter scores in a cup already hit, the shot is a miss If a team shoots before a re-rack should have occurred -The shot counts but the defending team re-rack's and chooses which cup is removed Rollbacks If both players on a team sink a shot on the same turn, that team will get one 1 additional shot (except on redemption adidas ultra boost mujer baratas , see below) Miracles -If a shot lands and stays on the rim of the cups, that shot will count as a miss Shooting -Players may not cross the invisible horizontal plane that seperates the player from the cups -If player crosses plane a one cup penalty applies Permitted with the following restrictions: -A player may not place any part of himself on the table to gain additional reach andor leverage (beer guts permissible) -Players may lean against the table -A player's hand may touch the table after a shot is released -Players may not shoot from the sides of the table -Cups must be reformed if moved due to body contact and reformed prior to opposing teams turn -Cups knocked over due to body contact count as a hit Distractions Permitted with the following restrictions (subject to a one cup penalty) -Players may not fan, blow, or otherwise intentionally create an air current surrounding the cups in play. -Players may not approach the opposing team members in an unsportsmanlike manner. -Impede a players vision, such as physically or through the use of laser in the eyes. Spectators can distract with the following restrictions -Cannot be within the play area. -Prohibited from unreasonably interfering with a players ability to shoot. -Scream directly into the ears of players or attempt to block a player's view of the cups. -Violate any local, state, or federal laws. Not Paying Attention Rule -If a team knocks over one of its own cups zapatillas adidas boost mujer , that team loses that cup(s) only if the opposing team witnesses and points out the mishap Balling your own cups -Players that drop the ball in their own cup do not incur a penalty -If the defending team is contacted by the ball, while not in possession, and drops into their cup the shot is counted. This includes using defenders as backboards to score. Interference - Any contact, intentional or otherwise, between game pieces (balls or cups) and any other objects on the table. Ball Interference -Spectator interference causes the shot to be replayed -If a shot hits any object on the table and bounces into a cup the shot is counted -No objects allowed between the opposing cup formations Cup Interference -Cups knocked over by non-players do not incur a penalty (refill and replace to original position). Drifters - Unintentional cup drifts while a ball is in mid-flight causes a re-toss. - If the ball misses the table during a cup a shift (air ball), there is no re-toss. Cup Adjustment - Cups may NOT be moved or adjusted while the ball is being released, or while the ball is in mid-flight. Doing so incurs a 1-cup penalty. Balls Knocking Over Cups - If a ball enters a cup then exists and the cup falls off of the table adidas zx flux mujer baratas , the cup is counted as a score and removed. - Players may never stabilize a cup from falling over due to ball contact Interference During Reformation -Shooting must occur after the opposing team is finished reforming, if this does happen: -A score does not count and the opposing team receives possession -A missed shot is counted as a miss and the opposing team gets possession Ending the Game RedemptionRebuttle & Overtime Two possible scenarios: More than one cup per side remaining when the last cup is sunk. -Either player may take the first shot, and the ball is rolled back until a player misses. -Players must alternate throwers in the event of multiple hits -If there are three cups the first two shots must be alternated (i.e., the player who shoots first cannot shoot second), but the final shot may be taken by either player. One cup versus one cup remaining when the last cup is sunk. -The rule is, each team shoots as many balls as they have left Opponent sinks your last cup on their first shot. You get 1 chance to redeem. -If an opponent sinks your last 3 cups in 1 turn, you get 2 chances to hit last cup adidas zx flux blancas , i.e. you may miss once Successful redemption results in initiation of a 3-cup overtime, with the dominant team (the team which would have won had their opponents not redeemed), selecting possession. -Overtime (3-cup) -Overtime formation is a triangle. -The dominant te锘? .
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03-07-2023, 09:11 PM
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RE: the ball is being released, or while the ball is in mid-fligh
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