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Up Business Needs A Brand Logo
05-11-2016, 05:29 AM
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Up Business Needs A Brand Logo
Up Business Needs A Brand Logo

In Part 1, "Why Branding Is Good For A Start-up Business", we looked at why branding is important to new businesses and how you can determine your brand values and a brand personality. natural converse Now we're going to look at how to develop a logo and strapline that fits your brand and business. A logo doesn't have to cost a fortune and once you have designed it you need to use it consistently on your website, on brochures, catalogues, business cards, t-shirts, posters, banners, social media pages.

The second is you need it to be of professional quality. This means that a few clip art pictures and Microsoft Paint won't cut it. Your products and services are of a professional standard and your logo should be too. Converse Ctas Ballet Lace

I strongly advise you to get a professional graphic designer to design your logo, as it will save you time in the long run, and time in business is money. The better graphic designers will be able to visualise concepts and bring that to your logo, and this will give your business a professional touch. womens converse suede A graphic designer will also be able to design the logo in various shapes. Some social media accounts require rectangular shaped logos, while others require squares.

A strapline is another way of introducing branding. john varvatos converse uk The idea of a strapline is it implants itself in a person's mind, so that when they hear the words they think of your brand. Ideally, it should be connected with what you do and should be shaped using your brand values and personality. The words 'just do it' are synonymous with Nike, and are connected with exercise, and for a sporting clothing business it makes perfect sense.

Looking at these three examples, you can see straplines are short statements that say something about their respective businesses. Your strapline should do the same. burgundy converse dainty Like the logo, play around with a few straplines and canvass opinion. In the end choosing a strapline will probably come down to a feeling. If we look at our examples above, Nike and Tesco have taken an indirect route to branding, as they do not directly mention the products they sell. Our site has laid it down in a simple fashion. All three examples get the point across.
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Up Business Needs A Brand Logo - TTT258 - 05-11-2016 05:29 AM
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