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Getting What is Due
05-11-2016, 05:20 AM
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Getting What is Due
Getting What is Due

College athletes whose names are used to make profits for their schools should receive some portion of the profit. Universities are moneymaking entities that currently profit from free labor of their athletes. College athletes bring in millions to their schools through the selling of jerseys, hats, and other memorabilia. adidas originals superstar womens The players whose abilities popularize the items for sale don't get any credit for the sales. Their universities are exploiting these top-notch college athletes. Colleges offer student athletes scholarships as meager compensation for full access to all the potential profits.

Colleges have developed a cartel. A cartel is a business agreement to level the playing field. In this case, the field is talent in athletes. The agreement states that colleges and universities cannot offer players anymore than scholarships and tuition benefits. From a business aspect, this is an intentional lowering of labor wages. adidas originals stan smith trainers If a business tried to do this they would wind up in court, but colleges get away with it. Colleges use this agreement to make profits off the players they have acquired for free, or virtually free.

On top of being exploited, players are not allowed to hold part time jobs. adidas originals nmd runner Athletes have to dig in the couch for enough change for a slice of pizza. This regulation has recently been eliminated, but it still illustrates the unfairness the NCAA imposes on its athletes. Along with jerseys representing athletes, coaches make shoe contracts restricting the players choice of shoes.

Do college athletes really deserve to be paid? After all they receive a free college education. Sports are not cheap. Universities and colleges pay for traveling expenses associated with away games. adidas originals supercolor trainers Without the schools support, students would have to pay for rooms at hotels, gas for the buses or planes, and food as well as other expenses. These expenses are a part of sports in general and student athletes shouldn't have to pay those expenses. High school athletes don't have to pay for traveling expenses so it is unrealistic to expect that of college athletes.

Many people believe that athletes should be happy with what they have. adidas originals zx flux trainers They receive a free education worth thousands and they get to do something they love. Jocks don't deserve all this special treatment because they don't value the education they are obtaining. Well, the NCAA offers rewards to athletes who perform well in the classroom. Most athletes work hard at their areas of study. Athletes are under appreciated and exploited.
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