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Wood floors are heavier the better ?
09-01-2016, 04:26 AM
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Wood floors are heavier the better ?
The wood is not expensive, advanced, not to see the severity of the weight, but it depends on stability, corrosion resistance and other comprehensive performance, delicate texture and appearance.

The weight of the floor, by the density of the wood is determined, different species density is not the same, even the same wood species, also because of the growing environment, age, different parts of the difference arising from the density and weight. For example, age longer, heavier components; the same tree, the lower the weight will be heavier than the upper; high-density core material density than sapwood, but also heavier.

For example, teak, teak is expensive is not its weight. Teak growing more than 80 years to become useful, its stability and corrosion resistance is unmatched by other timber, so that the ancient people will use it to ship navigation. Teak flooring production, need to go through 2 years of wind and rain the sun's natural health, will generate a unique golden sheen. Coupled with the growing scarcity of teak this species, so more expensive.

the article come from:easy install privacy fence on balcony

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