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Why Jailhouse Poker and Rock and Roll 21?

There are a lot of books on casino games. Many are subtitled How to Play or How to Win and describe the rules and offer playing strategy. American Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling by Andrew Brisman is an excellent choice because it delves into the math in easy to understand detail. After reading the chapter on roulette Camiseta Diego Costa España , the idea for both Jailhouse Poker and Rock and Roll 21 had its inception. Inclusive in that chapter is a description of the en prison rule. By offering this rule on European roulette tables the house advantage is cut in half on all even-money wagers. It works like this: if you make an even-money bet and the ball lands on zero, your bet does not lose. Instead it is considered in prison and its fate is to be determined on the next spin. If the en prison bet comes in on the next spin, your original wager is returned to you, without winnings; if it does not come in, you lose your original wager; and if zero should be rolled again the bet remains in prison. With a little European alteration Camiseta Mikel San Jose España , roulette goes from one of the poorer bets in the casino to one of the most reasonable. The question was put forward: can this rule be adapted to a casino poker game andor a casino twenty-one game? Furthermore can these games succeed in attracting new players and therefore add to the casinos bottom line? A roll-playing abstract can help to provide the answers. This roll-playing will follow the outline found in several published articles especially The Elements of a Successful Carnival Game, by Elliot Jacobson, Ph.D. The goal is see if there is a fit, i.e. if the games meet the parameters needed to be successful. So, what do you say Camiseta Oscar de Marcos España , do you want to read the plays and then judge for yourself?

Jailhouse Poker
The Play
Dealer: Friendly Fred
Player: Mr. Lucky (Mr. L)
Floor Supervisor: Smiley Sol

Winners Casino has put Jailhouse poker on their floor, agreeing to a ninety day trial. On the first day the game is opened at 10 am. The dealer is standing behind the table anxious to start the game when a player walks up and surveys the layout.

Mr. Lucky: How do you play this game; is it like poker?
Friendly: Yes, it is poker; a five-card version. Two cards are dealt, face down, to you Camiseta Thiago Alcantara España , two cards are dealt, face down, to the dealers hand and three community cards, called the Flip, complete the hand.
Mr. Lucky: How do I win?
Friendly: You beat the dealers hand.
Mr. Lucky: Well Camiseta Koke España , it sounds easy; is their more to it?
Friendly Before I deal, make an arrest bet. Look at your two cards and decide to play or fold. To play, make a bail bet either one or up to two times your arrest bet. Fold by placing your cards, face down, in front and forfeit your arrest bet.
Mr. Lucky: Just two bets Camiseta Sergio Rico España , arrest and bail?
Friendly: There is an optional bonus bet. The payouts are for a pair of sixes or higher; if you fold, the bonus bet stays in action. Ok, now here is the thing that makes it different, before the Flip cards are dealt there is a rewardpenalty part. It goes like this after you make the bail bet our cards are turned face up and compared. If your hand outranks my hand the arrest bet stays, if I have the higher ranking Camiseta Santi Cazorla España , I move the arrest bet to your courtand its a tie, I return your arrest bet. The court is an in prison area. You have not lost, the fate of your arrest bet is determined at the completion of the hand; if you win, it is returned to you. Now I turn the Flip cards. All winning bets are paid according to the Jailhouse pay table.
Mr. Lucky: What are betting limits?
Friendly: The arrest bet is $5 to $300 and the bonus bet is $1 to $25. Oh, and by the way
there is a bad beat bonus a full house beaten by four of a kind pays 100 to 1 on
the bail bet.
Mr. Lucky: Lets get out of jail!!
Friendly: Change five hundred.
Smiley: Change it - good luck Mr. L - win a bundle.

Rock and Roll 21
The Play
Dealer: Amicable Amy
Player: Mrs. Lucky (Mrs. L)
Floor Supervisor: Gregarious Ginger

The Skies The Limit Casino has put Rock and Roll 21 on their floor Camiseta Jordi Alba España , agreeing to a ninety day trial. On the first day the game is opened at 10 am and the dealer is standing behind the table anxious for players to sit down. A player walks up and surveys the layout.

Mrs. Lucky: I love rock and roll. How do you play this game? Is it like blackjack?
Amicable: Yes, it is very similar to blackjack. Two cards are dealt face up to you and two cards to the dealers hand, the first face up and the second face down. The hitting and standing rule is same for the player and the dealer; there is only one hit card and it is dealt to seventeen or less so there are no decisions on hitting or standing. There is no doubling or splitting and no blackjacks.
Mrs. Lucky: Well, that sounds easy. How do I win?
Amicable: Like blackjack, you beat the dealers hand the closest to twenty-one wins. One thing that is different is there are no busted hands Camiseta Nacho Fernandez España , the closest to twenty-one, either less than or more than, wins.
Mrs. Lucky: Is there anything else I need to know?

Amicable: First make a rock bet and then decide to play or fold. Play by matching your rock bet with a roll bet. Fold by a reverse scratch on the layout and you forfeit the rock bet. There is an optional bonus bet; any two or three card twenty-one wins. A folded hand, with a bonus bet, stays in action for a possible bonus payout. After the roll bet Camiseta David de Gea España , I turn my hole card face up and compare our two card hands. If we both have pat hands, eighteen to twenty-two, the rock and roll bets are settled. For all other combinations there is a rewardpenalty part. If your Strategies To Integrate A Healthy Diet Into Your D.
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