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ORCHARD PARK, N. Ryan Braun White Jersey .Y. - No price was too high for Terry Pegula and wife Kim if it meant keeping the Bills in Buffalo, and preserving late Hall of Fame owner Ralph Wilsons legacy.Having difficulty keeping his emotions in check during an introductory news conference on Friday, Pegula was humbled to succeed Wilson as the Bills owner, and outlined his reasons for spending an NFL-record $1.4 billion to buy the team.I want to ask the fans if I overpaid. I know what theyre going to tell me, Pegula said. We can all have many things in life. We can buy a house. We can buy a car. If you have enough money, theres 32 football teams. And theres only one Buffalo Bills.The Pegulas were formally ushered in as owners two days after their bid was approved unanimously by NFL owners. And theyll get their first chance to watch the Bills play from the owners box on Sunday, when Buffalo (3-2) hosts AFC East rival New England (3-2).Ralphs 54 years, how do you follow that act? Its tough, Pegula said. Its going to be an amazing experience.Wilson was the teams founder and sole owner until he died in March, opening questions of whether the team might be sold and eventually relocated.Pegula, who also owns the NHLs Buffalo Sabres, shared those same concerns and wanted to guarantee the franchises future in western New York.And yet he acknowledged still being floored by how Bills fans reacted once the Pegulas reached an initial agreement to buy the team early last month.I was humbled by all you fans, and the outpouring of emotion that I saw when our name was announced as the winning bid, Pegula said. I could not believe the pent-up fear of losing the team that was released by you, the fans.The Pegulas beat out several competing bidders, including New York City real estate mogul Donald Trump, and a Toronto-based group led by rocker Jon Bon Jovi. Bon Jovis group raised concerns over whether it had an intention to buy the team and eventually relocate it north of the border.The 63-year-old Pegula grew up in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, graduated from Penn State, and made his fortune selling his Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling rights for $4.7 billion to Royal Dutch Shell in 2010. Hes a long-time Sabres fan and bought the team in February 2011.Pegula intends to keep Russ Brandon as Bills president. He failed, however, to define how he and his wife will split ownership duties.Without going into detail, he added there have been preliminary discussions about the possibility of building a new stadium, including a potential downtown site.Brandon welcomed the Pegulas, and believes Wilson would be pleased with the transition.I could envision Ralph with his legendary fist pump, saying, Job well done. Its been a great ride, Brandon said. Now the ride belongs to Terry and Kim Pegula. Its time to create their own memories and define the Pegula family legacy for generations to come.Pegula first teared up about a minute into his introductory speech, when he stopped in mid-sentence before saying, I knew this was going to happen. Pegula then said: We all just bought the team. Our team. The Buffalo Bills.Pegula noted that he grew up rooting for the Detroit Lions. And he said he was well aware that Wilson owned a small share of the team, which he had to relinquish in order to establish the Bills as an American Football League franchise in 1959.Though he never met Wilson, Pegula did recall watching the Bills in the 1960s. Pegula became an even bigger fan in the 1980s, when he based his natural gas company in Olean, New York, and began regularly attending Bills games.Owning a professional team is about winning. And the primary goal of our ownership will be to win the Super Bowl, to bring championships to the city of Buffalo, Pegula said. Myself and my family will dedicate ourselves to that.___AP NFL website: and Matt Garza Brewers Jersey . Marie rink in the Ice Cube Curling Center, as they moved Canada up to 3-2 in the round robin by beating Denmark by a score of 7-6. Ryan Braun Gold Jersey . "Last year didnt go the way we wanted it to, but we need to look at what went well and what didnt go so well. Hopefully this year we will be better," Brendan Gallagher said after practice. This year, the Canadiens have a little more depth to work with by adding players like Daniel Briere, Dale Weise, Mike Weaver, Douglas Murray and arguably, the biggest addition to this playoff roster, Thomas Vanek, who the Canadiens were able to land at the trade deadline.There is no doubting Ales Hemsky has been a nice addition to the Senators lineup. Over the past two games, Hemsky has assisted on six goals and found instant chemistry with Jason Spezza. For most of the season, Sens fans bemoaned the fact that Spezza was not playing with quality wingers. These last two games with Hemsky have only served to tease everyone, wondering what could have been if Hemsky was riding shotgun with Spezza all season long. But would the Senators be sitting in a playoff spot if they had acquired Hemsky a few months ago? Since Im officially banned from using the phrase "probably not" in this town, I will instead answer by saying I think its highly doubtful the Senators would be sitting in a playoff spot if Hemsky had been here since October. Ottawas big issue this season has been in their own end. And to be brutally honest, that has been their biggest problem since Paul MacLean took over as head coach a couple of years ago. To MacLeans credit, he has drastically improved the offense on this team. When they missed the playoffs in Cory Cloustons last season at the helm, Ottawa scored just 193 goals and was one of only three NHL teams who failed to crack the 200-goal barrier in 2010-11. So heading into MacLeans first season, the big question was: Who is going to score goals for the Senators? But MacLean worked his offensive magic and had terrific seasons from the likes of Spezza, Milan Michalek and Erik Karlsson and the team ended up scoring 249 goals and ranking in the top five in the NHL in that category. Thats a remarkable transformation; bottom five in the league in goals one year to top five the next. But Ottawas defensive game showed no real improvement in that first season under MacLean. They ranked 24th in goals against under Clouston (giving up 250 goals) and they also ranked 24th in goals against under MacLean (giving up 240 goals). In fact, no team that made the playoffs in 2012 allowed more regular season goals than the Senators. And when you give up as many goals as the Senators do, you either make the playoffs by the skin of your teeth - or miss them altogether. This trend appears to be rearing its ugly head again this season, as the Senators have no real problems scoring goals. They currently rank in the top half of the Eastern Conference in goals scored with 185 - more than playoff-bound teams like Montreal, Philadelphia and the New York Rangers. But the Senators have surrendered an astounding 213 goals this season - the second-worst total in the entire NHL. And no matter how many goals Hemsky would have added to the offensive side of the ledger, its hard to imagine how he would have helped with the defensive breakdowns that have been problematic with this team forr months. Aaron Hill Jersey. A lot of people will point to the lockout-shortened season a year ago, where the Senators were the stingiest team in the Eastern Conference, sporting a 2.08 GAA. But last year needs to be taken with a grain of salt because it was only a 48-game schedule and the Senators were still giving up a ton of quality chances. Take a look at Ottawas NHL ranking in shots allowed/game since MacLean took over and you will see they didnt actually have a great defensive improvement in that department last season: Shots Allowed/Game (NHL Rank) 2011-12: 32.0/game (29th in NHL)2012-13: 31.3/game (23rd in NHL)2013-14: 34.4/game (28th in NHL) Even though the Senators were near the top of the league in GAA in 2012-13, they were still giving up too many shots and chances each night. They werent necessarily playing a tough, defensive style. Instead, they were bailed out by unbelievable goaltending that was producing numbers that were never going to be sustainable for the long-term. Craig Anderson, for example, had a .933 save percentage while short-handed last season - a number that has tumbled by more than 100 points this year. In short, the Senators brilliant goaltending masked the issues for this team last season. Now that the goaltending has been average this season, it highlights the defensive issues that have been around for the better part of three seasons. The best teams in the NHL over the past three years - like Chicago, St. Louis and Los Angeles - have all ranked in the top 10 in fewest shots allowed. Even a team like the Blackhawks, who have the reputation of being offensive-oriented, have allowed the fourth-fewest shots against this season. Again, MacLean deserves a ton of credit for turning this team into an offensive juggernaut. And if Hemsky re-signs next season, there is every reason to believe he can flourish in this system. But now is the time that MacLean and his staff need to fix the defensive flaws with this team. He is trying to implement a similar system he used in Detroit when they won the Stanley Cup in 2007-08. That season, the Red Wings had no trouble scoring goals, ranking third in the NHL in that department. But they also allowed the fewest shots per game at 23.5 - the best number in the entire league. The offensive comparisons to Detroit are accurate, but its the defensive game for Ottawa that still has miles to go. Bryan Murray didnt make any trades involving defensemen at the deadline because the organization believes they have the right personnel on the back end. If thats the case, its the system that needs to be adjusted moving forward. So when it comes to the re-build that started a couple of years ago, its fair to say the Senators are only halfway there. Cheap China Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China China NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China ' ' '
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